RIO Change Management





RIO - Flexibility comes as Standard

RIO costs just 5,950 for a full development licence.
A remote Implementation Licence is included Free of Charge.

Change Management systems exists to ensure that your critical business applications are developed, maintained, enhanced and deployed in  a consistent manner.

With existing tools often seen as restrictive and cumbersome to use by developers, RIO was developed 2 years ago with developers in mind.

Drawing on our considerable  experience as consultants, RIO meets the differing requirements that companies have in everyday use. It is flexible, easy to use and lets you work the way you want, and at the same time enforcing standards.

RIO is priced to be accessible to all companies.

RIO is a very comprehensive Change Management System.

RIO is FLEXIBLE, we guarantee that we can configure RIO to work the way you want.

RIO lets you determine what environments exist, it does not restrict you. Implement a simple set up or a very complex multiple machine set up.

RIO enforces the standards YOU set.

RIO is friendly and easy to use - programmers can be trained in 30 minutes.

RIO gives you instant visibility of what has happened during the change process, helping you to work faster and free of frustration.

RIO has interfaces to systems such as JD Edwards.

RIO was developed in 1998 by customer requests to solve the problems others products could not.

We would be delighted for you to send us your requirements specification which we will respond to.

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